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Aug 9, 2013 6:00pm EDT
northeast washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. least three deaths are being blamed on flooding in the southern plains. two feet of rain fell in southern missouri in the past week. across the region, roads have turned into lakes and fields and crops have been submerged. we have a few showers and downpours, and the areas that are getting them are getting torrential rain, but they are few and far between. the weekend is looking better. some of the time lapse, enable academy in annapolis. -- the naval academy in annapolis. this is about to an hours worth. it went from sunshine, dark skies, torrential rain, a brief rainbow, then skies cleared out. sunshine right outside of the studios in arlington. showers and storms, thunderstorm warning has just expired for charles county and a county. and theiminishing, bright reds the past 30 minutes or so. pretty good downpours across charles county, southern prince george's county, dunkirk, hunting council top calvert county, more heavy stuff will move towards the bay the next 20, 30 minutes. this is developing ahead of the cold front that will slide through
Aug 10, 2013 6:00pm EDT
in southeast washington this morning. police pulled a man possibility from anacostia river -- a man's body from anacostia river. they have not released any details, including the possible cause of death. >> officials need your help finding a missing mother. andrea crew was last seen near a bank wednesday morning. concerned for her safety. they are asking anyone that has seen her to please call police. >> we want to take you outside. we will look at the traffic. it turned into a nice day on the roads. will you need a umbrella's for the evening plans? steve rudin is in the weather center with a look at the forecast. >> you might want to keep the umbrella handy for the day tomorrow. this is the live super doppler radar run the weather center. quiet and drive around that capital. showers in southern maryland. that was a couple of hours ago. everything has filtered out. it is warm and sunny. 82 at reagan national. 84 at dulles. you might see a lingering shower. temperatures are 70's and low 80's. there is a cooldown on the way. >> thank you. one person is dead and three are missing after a flush --
Aug 27, 2013 6:00pm EDT
exactly 50 years since the march on washington. the event will feature speeches this time from president obama and former presidents clinton and carter. it will take place at the very spot where dr. martin luther king, jr. delivered his i have a dream speech back in 1963. >>> driving into the city is going big issue tomorrow morning and afternoon. office personnel management is urging federal workers to stay home and telework tomorrow if that's possible. the federal government will be open tomorrow. >>> if you do plan to drive get ready for a lot of detours. a lot of roads are closed including the memorial bridge. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss has a look at what you need to know to get around town tomorrow. >> reporter: the march close, the anticipation already great. now it's time to put the transportation game plan in place. some already making a test run. >> we walked from our downtown hotel and we're going to walk again tomorrow. >> smart move. >> reporter: this couple visiting from chicago walking is a good option especially since many roads around the mall start close ri
Aug 12, 2013 6:00pm EDT
a fight inside a convenience store in northeast washington. jennifer donelan joins us with the story you will see only on seven. me,as you can see behind there is some police activity. this is not related to our case but this is a very busy store in northeast. the woman is still on the loose but sources estimate their ages were between five and seven years old. this seven inside food store. childrenof two small was so violently angry, she stabbed another customer asked her children watched. the violence was caught on l began whenvideo. told one of the other young children to -- not to touch something. the police report showed the mother then brandished a knife and stabbed the other woman on the left side of her abdomen. her injuries were so critical homicide the texans were called in on the case. -- homicide detectives were called in on the case. the mother escaped from the store with her children in tow before police arrived. the search for all three is underway. and speaking with sources close to the case, it does seem that detectives feel confident they will identify this woman and fi
Aug 30, 2013 6:00pm EDT
in washington. richard engel reports. >> reporter: secretary kerry says they know where it was fired from, regime areas, knows where they handled, in rebel-held areas. knows what happened when 90 minutes later the bodies of more than 1400 people were collected in morgues and hospitals. no shrapnel, no blood, just men, women, and more than 400 children wrapped in still clean burials. many wondered whether this military strike would take place. the u.s. says no final decision has been made but tonight after secretary kerry has given this speech, it seems little doubt which direction the united states is now headed. richard engel, nbc news, turkey. >> concern over what may take place slowed the stock markets today. here's a look at the dow and you can see the biggest dip took place after secretary carry began speaking. the dow jones ended down 30 points to make august the worst month in more than a year. for the latest on the crisis in syria, "nbc nightly news" has coverage from around the world and that's following this broadcast. >>> 18 hours after a red line train derailed, metro official
Aug 7, 2013 6:00pm EDT
getting closer >> a decades old southwest washington business is near shutting down in the name of rye grass. the city is eyeing the land as a home for a new stadium for d.c. united. about the plan the same day the rest of us did. >> the city has not approached the business directly. because the business owns 10% of the land they can use eminent domain to take the land. the deal does not involve land, just air. it is officially for sale. officials have figured out. they are selling the air rights to developers. >> it is kind of crazy. >> they say the space could we bought or leased so apartments or condos can be built. >> money made from the sales would go to state and local jurisdictions for transportation projects. one possibility is along the track along the silver line. dulleste over the tollroad. >> i am not opposed to it as long as we're doing it in a balanced way. have brought in and in josh of millions of dollars a year. virginia is hoping for similar success. is changing jail its procedures after four inmates committed suicides in the last 10 months. the inmate who took his li
Aug 8, 2013 6:00pm EDT
in washington, reagan national, 81 lexington park. overnight, 69-75 in the morning. through the day tomorrow, more showers, more storms, the high in the 80s. a look at the weekend weather in just a few minutes. >> tonight, torrential rain continues to flood the midwest. 17 inches, soaking parts of missouri since the weekend. the strong storms washed out roads, damaged homes, rule soccer fields and campgrounds. floods threatened 10 states because of a stationary front hovering over the states. heavy rain is expected to slow down, but a high water will take time to run off. >> the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits is at a six-year low. the 12 week average dropped more ,500,6000 applications, 335 the lowest level since the recession began in 2007. analysts say that means company making fewer layoffs. >> virginia's lieutenant governor is calling on the major party candidates for governor to clean up their campaigns and focus on the issues. >> right now it is pretty much just millions of dollars being spent on name-calling and mudslinging. that is really not what the people o
Aug 11, 2013 6:00pm EDT
his son would get a fair trial if he returns from russia. abc's susan saulny in washington tonight. >> as a father, i want my son to come home. >> reporter: today, in an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos, lon snowden, father of fugitive nsa leaker edward snowden, said plans have been made to reunite in russia. >> you're going to moscow? >> reporter: bruce fein is the family's lawyer and says it will happen very soon. >> we have visas, we have a date which we won't disclose because of the frenzy. >> reporter: the purpose of trip -- to come up with a criminal defense against charges of espionage. >> what i would like is for this to be vetted in open court for the american people to have all the facts. >> reporter: but the elder snowden is not convinced his son could get a fair trial. >> when you consider many of the statements made by our leaders, they have poisoned the well, so to speak, in terms of a potential jury trial. >> reporter: just friday, president obama had this to say. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. there were other avenues available for s
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8